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1 Horror Mansion
8.89 21 9
We’re your on-line source for Horror news, trailers, movies and reviews. Exploitation, world cinema, cult and classic. Horror novels, comics, SyFy and more. We welcome independent film directors. Comments
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1.00 4 5
Horror Art and Gore Short Movies. Comments
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3 Blood Sucking Geek
9.10 2 13
Horror geek news, reviews, and features. Comments
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NR 1 7
a Hub for Information about Land Of The Dead Game, LOTD Patches And Maps, Zombie Movies, Zombie Related Articles, Zombie Games, Zombie Fiction, Music... and much More... Comments
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5 Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing
0.33 0 5
Horror movies, horror movies, and more horror movies. And anything else I feel like. Comments
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