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Rank Site Rating In Out
1 Halloween Fun Scare
6.29 1 1
B00, Frighteningly Halloween Fun. Strange Ghosts, ghouls and goblins in the dark evil corridors.. With some paranormal phenomenon and unexplained events. Hauntings of horror. Just insane scary fun. H Comments
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7.00 1 0
Horror Art and disturbing pictures. Comments
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3 Horror author Vanessa Morgan
NR 0 0
Vanessa Morgan is known as the 'female Stephen King'. This is her official blog. Comments
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4 Shadow Dwellers
NR 0 1
Collection of Supernatural short stories. Creative and original with surprising twist. Ghost, demons and other creatures of the night.
Not dark horror. Focusing instead on good storylines.
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5 JABB pictures
9.44 0 1
JABB pictures is an independent video production company focusing in the horror genera. The site provides information about our company and offers visitors a chance to purchase T-shirts and dvds. Comments
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